we are purveyors of positive change

Our mission is to amplify solutions to the biggest problems of our time.

We seek to co-create new stories, enabling people to be part of the solution to climate change. 

In the current status quo, trouble makers are not “good.” But we believe that the current status quo is not working and so we need trouble makers to come to the rescue. We are a women-owned and operated business. We believe that women especially have a major role to play in creating the new narrative.

our products are a platform

They create cultural shifts.

Our first product line is Critter Bitters — cocktail bitters made from toasted crickets.  Critter Bitters are a message in a bottle. According to the UN FAO, eating insects is the first viable solution to the world's impending food shortage. Crickets are an alternative source of protein – one that is healthy for you and healthier for the planet. 

We've found that people are more willing to first try insects in a cocktail than in food. And crickets have a completely unique rich flavor that add an amazing depth of flavor to drinks. 

Give them a try – join the movement to change the conversation around what and how we are consuming. 

our story

We met in the fall of 2013 in New York City while in the Products of Design MFA program at The School of Visual Arts. The UN FAO had just released their report on edible insects. The report became a design brief for a class on sustainability and resilience. Our mission was to help our peers get over "the ick factor" of eating insects. We eventually created the concept of Critter Bitters. Over time, as interest in the bitters grew, so did our vision for this company. We are thrilled to bring you Critter Bitters and invite you to join in the conversation. 

Julia + Lucy