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Our mission is to empower the individual to take positive action in facing the biggest issues of our time – like combating climate change and fixing our food system. 

It's time to completely reconsider the way us humans exist in the world. Our relationship with the planet needs a systematic overhaul — from what we eat, to how we shop, to the way we live. These issues can seem daunting, existential, and abstract but small actions can add up to big change. That's exactly where we like to play. 

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Critter Bitters

The way we produce and consume food is having irrevocable effects on the planet. The food industry is a main contributor to climate change and environmental degradation. In the United States, the agriculture sector actually contributes more greenhouse gases than our transportation sector.

According the UN FAO, eating insects is the first viable solution to the world's impending food shortage. They are a good source of fat, protein, vitamins, fiber and minerals. And they have minimal environmental impact. Two billion people across 80% of the world already eat over 1,000 different kinds of insects! What's stopping you? 

We designed Critter Bitters to get people over "the ick factor" of eating insects. We've distilled insects to their essence to get you accustomed to their amazing taste.Our cocktail bitters introduce the nutritious, sustainable, and most importantly, delicious flavor of crickets.  

Critter Bitters are a conversation starter. They are a catalyst for a cultural shift towards a more sustainable food system.




Shoppers worldwide use approximately 500 billion single-use plastic bags each year — which translates to about 150 plastic bags a year for every person on earth. Plastic bags are a contributor to climate change. About 12 million barrels of oil are used to make the plastic bags that Americans use each year. An estimated 100,000 marine animals die each year from suffocating on or ingesting plastic bags. And it's effecting our food supply — plastic is toxic.

Imagine if we could change our behavior to use fewer plastic bags. We're replacing the current practice of taking plastic bags with a new practice of carrying around your own beautiful piece of fabric.

Inspired by the traditional Japanese cloth that's used to transport everything from goods to gifts to books, these pieces are hand-sewn and screenprinted from deadstock fabric. They can be folded in myriad ways for whatever you're carrying, and just happen to make a cute satchel for  Critter Bitters! 

Art design mavericks Lucy Knops and Julia Plevin are changing the way Americans think and drink, with Critter Bitters: handcrafted cocktail bitters, made with toasted crickets.
— Awesome Without Borders
The important part of their process in perfecting their bitters recipe was finding other ingredients that would highlight the cricket flavor—a uniquely rich, nutty taste—instead of masking it.
— Nara Shin, Cool Hunting
The toasted cricket bitters are hand crafted and tinged with obscurity in the best of ways, like an odd concoction you might find at a hipster’s apothecary.
— Adam Clark Estes, Gizmodo
Their little bottle of boozy flavoring may very well be the gateway drug for even the most squeamish of people to finally give eating bugs a shot
— Javier Cabral, Munchies

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